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About Us

Breeding Maine Coons with Love and Care

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Our Story

Our love story with Maine Coons began not just with a fascination for their majestic beauty but with a deep-seated affection for what they represent - warmth, intelligence, and companionship. 'Maine Coons by the Sea' is a testament to this enduring love. It's more than just a cattery; it's a place where our passion for the breed transforms into living, purring, heartwarming realities.

Luci's journey with cat breeding is rooted in her childhood, where she spent countless hours alongside her mother, learning the delicate art of nurturing and raising cats. Those early years were filled with lessons in care, empathy, and an understanding of the unique traits of different breeds. But it was the Maine Coon, with its majestic demeanor and affectionate personality, that truly captured her heart.

Our decision to focus exclusively on Maine Coons is born out of this love and a desire to share it with others. Every kitten we raise is a part of our family first, enveloped in love and care from the moment they are born. We are committed not just to breeding Maine Coons but to being ambassadors of the breed, sharing the joy these magnificent cats bring into our lives.

At 'Maine Coons by the Sea', each kitten is a reflection of our dedication and love for Maine Coons. We take pride in seeing them grow into healthy, happy, and loving companions, ready to bring the same joy to their new families as they have brought to ours.

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Meet the Team

The Cat Lovers Who Bring You Precious Maine Coons

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