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  • Where is Your Cattery Located?
    Our cattery is located in the United States on the Eastern Shore In Frankford, Delaware.
  • Is Maine Coons By The Sea a Registered Breeder?
    Yes, we are a registered breeder as " Bythesea " with TICA (The International Cat Association), a leading authority in certifying cat pedigrees and promoting ethical breeding practices. TICA is globally recognized for its standards in cat health and welfare.
  • What do your kittens come with?
    Our kittens come with a tailored package to suit their unique situations. *For instance, if you’re purchasing a kitten with breeding rights, they’ll come with the exclusive privilege to pedigree future litters.* Typically, our kittens include a limited health guarantee, undergo DNA testing with genetic disease screenings, blood type, DNA trait analysis, come with pure breed paperwork known as pedigree's from TICA, receive a minimum of first shots (adjusted based on their age upon purchase), and are microchipped for identification and safety. Please reach out to us about specific kittens for more detailed information.
  • How is Price Determined ?
    In North America, Maine coons are one of the most wanted breeds and we sure know why! This makes the demand for these majestic cats significant. From reputable breeders, the cost of kittens can typically range from $2,000 to $7,500. The cost of kittens can vary significantly based on several factors. Geographical location, pedigree, the quality and color of the kitten, lineage titles, health testing history and the level of care provided all contribute to the pricing.
  • Do You Sell Kittens For Breeding Purposes?
    Yes, we do offer kittens for breeding purposes, but exclusively to approved catteries that adhere to our standards. We require a contract ensuring registration with TICA (The International Cat Association). Kittens sold with breeding rights are priced significantly higher than those sold as pets. This ensures that our breeding program maintains high standards and responsible practices within the community.
  • How Big Do Maine Coons Get?
    The size of Maine Coons can vary depending on their genetic heritage. Typically, females reach between 14 and 18 pounds, while breeding males can weigh between 18 and 23 pounds once fully developed. A spayed or neutered Maine Coon will generally look larger and can be a few pounds heavier up to 25 pounds. Their long busy tail, coat type and rectangular body shape often make Maine Coons appear larger. Typically Maine coons reach their full size around 3 to 5 years old.
  • What Do Maine Coons Eat?
    We prioritize and recomend premium, grain-free diets that are rich in proteins, with meat as the primary ingredient. Our cats enjoy a combination of daily wet food and have access to dry food throughout the day, ensuring they receive a balanced and nourishing diet to support their health and energy needs.
  • Are Your Kittens Exposed to Other Pets or Children?
    Our cats are raised in our home without cages, surrounded by the love and attention of our family, including our three children and our Great Dane. They get to interact and socialize with other pets and family members, ensuring they grow up comfortable and well-adjusted in a family setting.
  • What Health Testing is Done on Your Breeding Cats and Kittens?
    In addition to our kittens being checked by a local veterinarian we prioritize the long term well-being of our kittens by conducting additional extensive health testing not offered by many breeders. Here are some key aspects of our health testing protocols: Genetic Disease Screening: Our kittens undergo tests for many genetic diseases, with a focus on relevance to the Maine Coon breed. The reports detail any findings related to breed-specific health concerns. Trait Analysis: We conduct testing for over 20 traits, encompassing coat colors, coat types, and body shape, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each kitten’s genetic makeup. Blood Typing: To ensure a complete health profile, we perform thorough blood typing assessments. Genetic Diversity Monitoring: We track and evaluate genetic diversity information, enabling us to make informed breeding decisions that promote the long-term health of the Maine Coon breed. Continuous Update on Research: We stay updated with the latest research and discoveries in the field, integrating new findings into our breeding practices to uphold the health and vitality of our kittens.
  • Will My Kitten Come With A Pedigree ?
    Yes, all of our kittens come with a certified pedigree, ensuring their purebred lineage and quality.
  • Does Maine Coons By The Sea Allow Visitors?
    We welcome visits to our cattery after a deposit has been made. This policy ensures a controlled environment and helps maintain the health and well-being of our kittens by preventing unnecessary exposure to germs from visitors who might not be committed to making a purchase. We do however offer face time video visits to show our kittens. For serious inquiries and to schedule a visit or video call please contact us to discuss further details and to arrange a suitable time.
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